Janie’s Tequila Mocha Slipper

This is our new shining star, Janie’s Tequila Mocha Slipper, AKA “Marsha.” Little Marsha is a true liver (or chocolate). Marsh is a homegrown hot toddy as her Dam is Gigi’s Little Miss Sunshine (owned by the Dulaneys of Fort Stockton, Texas.) and her Sire is our own Sugar Paw’s Bourbon For Janie. Her Dam is a full sister to our own little girl, Janie’s Raining in Texas. Her nose is completely liver as well. She has an awesome little hair coat and we are expecting great things from her little sweet self in the show ring later this year.

I’m sure you’re wondering about how she got her name… well, her Daddy has “Bourbon” in his registered name. Although Marsha looks like a cup of hot chocolate… her personality and confidence is more like the adult beverage that she is named after. A Tequila Mocha Slipper drink is made from Patron tequila, Kahlua, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and assorted spices. The beverage is the same color as our Marsha is… so the registered name stuck.

..now you know the naming story…