Available Shih Tzu Puppies/Upcoming Litters

 We have Shih Tzu puppies from this first mating (Jack and Rainey) at this time.

Our next litter is HERE NOW.

The puppies from this litter will be available for $450 (with limited-or “pet” AKC registration). If you feel you may be interested in full AKC registration, message us for additional details. We do offer discounts for those who have purchased puppies from us before.  We also offer rebates for all championships titles that your puppy obtains in the fiture. In addition to puppy purchase price, you will be required to complete your puppy registration papers and submit those papers to AKC with the $30 fee (or a $46 fee if you would like to have an extended pedigree) at time of puppy pick up. I will be happy to mail it for you so that you can focus on your new bundle of joy.

You are welcome to keep up with our four Shih Tzus via our Facebook page, “Janie’s Shih Tzus.” If you are looking for that special little partner in crime and think one of these cuties could fit the bill for the next 12 years or so, message us via the Contact form about our future litters… and we can go from there.

“Janie’s Dusty Backroads” and “Sugar Paw’s Bourbon For Janie” are available at stud to outside AKC registered females (Brucellosis Negative testing within 30 days of mating). Therefore, when they sires a litter, we will post any information regarding his sired litters and any available puppies here as well. Keep checking back on this website for details. You can also watch our Facebook Page, “Janie’s Shih Tzus” as well.

Deposits work like this: (1) they are nonrefundable; (2) they must be cash, Money gram, or Postal money order; (3) the deposit may be applied to the total puppy price; (4) Deposit amounts are $325. Mail a nonrefundable deposit money order now to Malinda for $325. She will notify you as soon as it is received.  At that time, you are placed on the pick order list. You may make as many payments as you wish between the time your deposit is received until the time your puppy is ready for its new home at 6 weeks of age. However, the puppy purchase price must be paid in full on or before the day your puppy is picked up .


 Keep checking back here for details on our current litter. You can also watch our Facebook Page, “Janie’s Shih Tzus” as well.