Janie’s Pistol Annie

“Annie” (as she goes by here at home) comes from two of Janie’s foundation dogs from her original kennel, Cowhouse Catahoulas:  Stones Throw’s Colby G and Goldstar’s Marie Laveau.   Additionally, her parentage was DNA verified as a pup. Annie has a COI (Inbreeding Coefficient) of 0.0390625% and an ancestor loss coefficient of 95.161 %. Annie is Coal Black as tar with tan trim and amber eyes. She was whelped September 26, 2010. Annie’s sire was the great champion Stones Throw’s Colby G and her dam was the noteworthy champion Gold Star’s Marie Laveau. Annie is approaching her senior years but she has no desire to advertise that fact. She weighs about 64 pounds most days and is about 23.5 inches at the withers.

Annie’s passion is hunting hogs and she is retired from bay pen competition …. Annie is a bit “catchy” in the hog pay pen. This is not a bad trait… but it is more suited on a hog hunt. I can’t fuss though, she was five years old before she decided that catching hogs is more fun than just barking at them, <lol>. Annie blood trails for us on a regular basis as well. Annie will work cattle without unnecessary heat. She doesn’t tolerate bad behavior in cattle. She doesn’t harass calves either. She is even and steady and focuses on the task at hand. Annie trees raccoons or squirrels as well. Her great Paternal Grandsire is the NALC Tree Champion, “Smokey.” I have been told that her treeing style is much like his.

Annie holds breed registration with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas and the United Kennel Club. She has competed in UKC Bench Show events when time has allowed. She has placed well, taking first place in her breeder/handler classes and also taking reserve Best Female at her last UKC Bench Show.  Annie and Malinda frequently have a love/hate relationship BUT there is NO other dog that Malinda would have in Annie’s place.  Annie is very devoted to her owner/handler…. and that is the Catahoula trait that is worth its weight in gold. Annie is great at working alone or together with other dogs. Annie enjoys patrolling “her” property. She keeps the varmints in check and so far has not had any bad ended run ins with the local coyotes.

Annie’s pups work… period.  We have several folks who have purchased (and returned for more), and still treasure their pups from Annie. She has only whelped a limited amount of puppies as we choose NOT to excessively breed our girls. Her pups have gone on to excel at blood trailing, hunting game and hogs, baypen competitions, working stock, and show ring competitions. As always, we are happy to give you names of these folks so that you may hear it from the “horse’s mouth.” With that said, Annie will not be producing another litter until 2018.

 “Just because there is snow on the roof top don’t mean the fire is cold in the furnace!”