Janie’s Hook N Run

This redhead is a handful.  She weighs in at 65 pounds working weight and stands about 24 inches at her withers. She sometimes dons the nickname “Red Widow” for various reasons… and we are okay with that. Her sire is Facahatchee’s Tx Chili, (deceased 2014) a successful woods dog, owned by Douglas Mason of TX Mason Catahoulas. Facahatchee’s Tx Chili was sired by NALC Double Champion Facahatchee’s Chili Twist out of NALC Champion of Show Champions Joy’s Crawfish Pie. Janie’s Hook N Run’s dam is Malinda’s own, Janie’s Pistol Annie (Stones Throw’s Colby G X Goldstar’s Marie Laveau).  “Miss Hook” (as she is commonly known by) was whelped here at home on September 18, 2013 and is registered with the United Kennel Club and with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas. Miss Hook is a solid red with buff trim coated dog and has bright green glass-eyes. This fireball has a COI of 3.125% and an ancestor loss coefficient of 96.666%.

She isn’t scared of anything but seems to use her head and think things through. She is in her prime and will work everything she is sent to. She is one awesome protector. She is a joy to handle and fun to watch work. She has absolutely no “back-up.” (Thank God she is calculated in her maneuvers…).  She is protective of her home and master. She is brave, but never reckless. She is mischievous, but calculated. Miss Hook has even killed a cottonmouth that was about to make Malinda an easy target. She also kills the varmints and ”outsider” cats that come onto “her” property.

  Miss Hook was gracious in her show ring experiences and left with a Breeder/Handler class win.  Judges have had great things to say about her and have encouraged us to continue showing her. Miss Hook is known for hammering hard when she’s working and then dropping back into a “lady’s place” at the end of a conformation show lead in the same time frame.

Her first litter of pups were born in 2016 and we are seeing great things with those little ones already. They have wasted no time and have even impressed their owners (all who have owned Catahoulas previously) at this young age already. We are currently awaiting her third litter from her now. It is due November 11th.