Beginnings and Foundation

Janie’s Catahoulas is founded upon nearly three decades of hands on experience with this breed. Malinda is the original founder and breeder of Cowhouse Catahoulas here in Texas. After a divorce and numerous hardships, Malinda restablished the pack from the last of her original dogs and an outside breeding. From there forward we have operated under the Janie’s Catahoulas kennel name. God has sent some awesome dogs our way along this journey. We could not have gotten this far without His blessing. So if you have always wondered what happened along the way… read on…

Pearle Jamm

In the early 90’s we started out with a dog by the name of Pearle Jamm. Pearle was purchased from a friend and Pearle allegedly traced back to Tophand and Wager bloodlines. She was a blue leopard with buff trim and amber eyes. She was the first and the dog that showed just how much one breed could do. It is crazy statistics-wise but all of her pups worked something. They were known as independent, high-drive, somewhat bossy catahoulas.


Wolf River’s N-Bleu Cotton

In 2000, about two months after losing Pearle unexpectedly, a trip to Pass Christian, Mississippi on Mardi Gras weekend introduced Malinda to Claudia Cueves of Wolf River Catahoulas. That was when we picked up our first foundation sire for Cowhouse Catahoulas, Wolf River’s N-Bleu Cotton, as a pup. “Cotton” as he was come to be known, fit the bill to a “T.”  Cotton was a blue leopard with white and double glass eyes. Cotton worked and gathered cattle and was Malinda’s personal bodyguard. Cotton was introduced into the NALC Baypen a bit later and again held his own. Cotton’s own sire was Wolf River’s Eza Cheetah, an accomplished woods dog in his own right sired by the great Wolf River’s Beau Red. Wolf River’s Eza Cheetah was NALC Show Champion and Catahoula Cur Breeder’s Association Show Champion, Gaspard’s Wolf River Patches. Cotton’s Dam was conformation champion (Ch.) Wolf River’s I-Betsy (Ch. King’s Pretty Boy X Ch. Wolf River’s Betsy). Wolf River’s I-Betsy was littermate to international champion and 1997 NALC Champion of Champions Wolf River’s Ismo. Wolf River’s I-Betsy was also full sister to multi hog bay champion and 1998 Champion of Champions Go Go’s Wolf River Buck.


Cotton sired some outstanding individuals in the show ring, the woods, the cattle pens, and the baypen including Cowhouse’s Remington Steele. Cotton never favored treeing raccoons or squirrels or possums much. He was even guilty of sleeping with the family housecat a few times. I have countless photos that would literally take multiple pages of Cotton and his offspring working and being shown. His pups have gone on to be founding sires and dams for other kennels (such as River Bottom Catahoulas) as well.



Goldstar’s Mucho Cleo and Goldstar’s Marie Laveau

Known by “Cleo” and “Marie,” these were the first registered females Malinda acquired. These two girls were the founding bitches of Cowhouse Catahoulas. The plan was to get Marie… but Cleo was the first natural bobtail she had found at the time and both girls were overly addicting. Cleo was a five color patchwork leopard with blue and black being the dominant color and having an amber eye and a blue/glass eye. Marie was a red leopard with rust trim and green/glass eyes. (Janie’s Hook N Run has her grandmother, Marie’s, green/glass eyes). These girls were sired by South Slough’s Bayou Rouge (Rene’s Shadowman’s Creek X Cat’s Cradle’s Sadie Lady) who was a red leopard patchwork with a natural bobtail. The girl’s dam was Goldstar’s Zena (Six E’s Slug X Aden’s WR Roja Linda) who was a red leopard.

Cleo and Marie were awesome. They loved to argue with one another but they always seem to find a middle ground. That is a good thing because they never took a licking from any other dog. Although Cleo had no desire to mess with coons… and she thought hogs smelled horrible… you could not beat her ability as a cowdog. She received her Novice Cowdog award at nine months of age. Marie love doing all of it. She was gorgeous in a show ring… and fierce in the baypen, at tree and in the cowdog world. She was not always overly graceful working but her heart was unstoppable.  Marie and Cleo, both, produce numerous noteworthy dogs. Although these two girls are gone now, their offspring were known to excel in  Search and Rescue, conformation show rings, baypens, treeing trials, and cowdog trials, and in the woods. Malinda still hears from folks on how they loved their pups from these girls.


Stones Throw’s Colby G

Wow… talk about a blessing. Stones Throw’s Colby G (Smokey X Daystar’s Bridal Jewel) came to Malinda from George and Traci Llanes as a young dog. “G,” as he was known as by all of us, had a huge drive to work. He worked it all! He was fearless in the baypen and did very well in the cattle dog events and on the ranch. G excelled at tree like his father Smokey as well. Though G was the first Champion dog in his line… but it was the start of many champions. G is one of the cornerstone sires that founded Cowhouse Catahoulas. Here again, we have been blessed because there could literally be numerous pages written about him. G routinely swayed folks in his favor. He was gritty on stock and a complete gentleman with even the smallest children. Malinda stitched him up once after a boar cut and left him standing on the tailgate with a complete stranger while she went for more medical sutures… G never moved… all because “Mom” said so.


G’s offspring all have excelled in the woods, at tree, in the obedience ring, in the baypen, in the cowdog world, and in the conformation ring. White Rock’s Mighty Tyson (a striking blue leopard with a classic white collar) was probably the most well-known of those dogs having seven NALC Championships to his credit. Here again, “Tyson” (G’s son) as he is known was the founding stud dog for yet another kennel, Braveheart Catahoulas.  G’s pups are known for their good temperament and workability. There is much more to be said about this great dog and the pups he produced.


The Closing of Cowhouse Catahoulas and the Starting of Janie’s Catahoulas

The last catahoula litter produced by Cowhouse Catahoulas was in 2008.

“G” and “Marie” were the last remaining dogs that Malinda had from Cowhouse Catahoulas.  In September of 2010, the first litter for Janie’s Catahoulas was born. The litter was a miracle in itself, as the parents of this litter, Stones Throw’s Colby G and Goldstar’s Marie Laveau were aging dogs by this time. DNA verified, the litter produced only four pups and their colors reflected a perfect punnet square. Two females, Two Males, two blue leopards with white and two black with tan trim pups. Malinda kept a gritty little brat of a pup from that litter… Janie’s Pistol Annie. Of her littermates,  Janie’s G2 and Janie’s Bella have gone on to be great champions in several areas in their own right. The third littermate, Janie’s Dozer was lost in a tragic accident some years back.

Meanwhile, both Stones Throw’s Colby G and Goldstar’s Marie Laveau had passed on. About this time, a young blue leopard pup that we later named Banik’s R B Hitch came to live with us and keep Janie’s Pistol Annie company. He is our gentleman bodyguard and works the rough stuff.

It would be a few years before Janie’s Pistol Annie would produce a litter of her own but when the time was right, Malinda and Doug Mason paired Facahatchee’s Tx Chili and Janie’s Pistol Annie to produce a large litter of NALC catahoula puppies. There were 11 puppies produced and 10 survived. Not one single leopard in the bunch, which in itself was a complete shock. These pups have grown and matured and are working fools these days… to say the least.  A bossy little solid red female pup with buff trim and glass eyes was kept from that litter… she would later become known as Janie’s Hook N Run.

We then welcomed Confetti’s Cash4Janie,  and Eagle Spring’s Hammer into the pack… the rest continues to unfold each year. We have been blessed with a rebuilt pack that assists us daily in whatever we need. ..and we are just fine with that.