Available Catahoula Puppies/Planned Upcoming Litters

Our Catahoula Nursery is EMPTY. We are waiting on a few of our young gals to cycle before we make our next large litter plans at this time. However, contact us if you are interested in a working, showing, or hunting catahoula pup from future litters! We love to “talk dog.”


Our pups go FAST! We have pups from our dogs placed in hunting, showing, working, and blood trailing homes. We are happy to provide photos and references for your benefit, so contact us!

Our puppies are available for pick up at six weeks of age. If you are having your puppy shipped or transported via puppy courier/hauler, your puppy may not be shipped until it is 8 weeks of age.  Upon purchasing one of our puppies, you will be required to complete the puppy registration papers and submit  the $35 fees to NALC and UKC at the time of puppy pick up. This ensures all puppies meet the 6 months birthdate registration requirements. We will be happy to mail the forms and fees for you so you can be busy bonding with your new bundle of joy.

JUST A REMINDER:  Eagle Spring’s Hammer is available at stud to outside working females. Therefore, when he sires a litter, we will post any information regarding the sired litters and any available puppies here as well. Keep checking back on this website for details. You can also watch our Facebook Page, “Janie’s Catahoulas” as well.

With that in mind, we reserve first pick from our litters. All potential puppy buyers who have submitted nonrefundable deposits will be able to choose their puppies immediately thereafter. Puppy buyers may choose their puppy depending upon the order in which their deposit was received. (For example: Currently,  our depositors have began choosing their puppies).

Deposits work like this: (1) they are nonrefundable; (2) they must be cash or money order; (3) the deposit may be applied to the total puppy price; (4) Deposit amounts are generally 50% of the total puppy purchase price. That said, let’s say you want a puppy from our November litter and is priced at $400. You would mail a nonrefundable deposit money order to Malinda for $200. She will notify you as soon as it is received.  When your deposit is received and validated, you are then placed on the pick order list. You may make as many payments as you wish between the time your deposit is received until the time your puppy is ready for its new home at six to eight weeks of age. However, the puppy purchase price must be paid in full on or before the day your puppy is picked up. If you are needing a puppy shipped to you, please visit our page dedicated to shipping puppies on this website for additional information that will help you with this decision.

Lastly, our potential puppy parents all work cattle, hogs, or something. We do not breed them if they do not. Our dogs are sound in mind and body conformation as well. We know our bloodlines and even our dogs’ parents worked and were shown.

OUR CATAHOULA PUPS DO NOT MAKE PETS. THEY ARE BRED TO WORK, HUNT, PROTECT, BE SHOWN,  AND TRAIL WOUNDED GAME. (We do have about two Shih Tzu litters available each year. I highly and respectfully recommend a Shih Tzu puppy if you merely want a buddy or a companion dogs.)

If you give your puppy 100%, it will return to you 110% effort. Period.

Janie's Pistol Annie with our current litter

Janie’s Pistol Annie with her 2015 litter on the day they were born… all these little ones found their forever homes…