Shipping Puppies

When I talk about “Shipping Your Puppy,” this is relating to the method used to get your puppy to your residence from Janie’s dogs’ kennel location.

The Three Ways to Ship:

  •  You may have your puppy board an airplane and you may pick up your bundle of joy (fastest option) at the airport closest to your home. Consider your climate conditions when considering this option. If it is negative 12 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with 90 humidity outdoors, etc., this may not work as a safe option for your puppy. A puppy’s health and safety is of utmost importance. If you do decide to ship your puppy, keep in mind that our catahoula puppies are shipped via American Airlines and/or Continental Airlines. Our Shih Tzu puppies are shipped via Continental Airlines.
  • You may also have your puppy hauled to you via puppy courier. These are professional persons specializing in transporting puppies/dogs via truck or van, etc., from my place to your place.
  • I will deliver your puppy to you.


My Delivery

If we deliver your puppy, the terms are as follows: (1) Your puppy adoption cost and the delivery fee must be paid in full before I deliver your puppy; (2) Price of delivery depends upon the distance from my place to yours; (3) I will only deliver to the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, up to 600 miles from our kennel location. My fee to deliver your puppy is as follows:  Option A- Delivery within 75 miles is $100; Delivery Option B- Delivery within 300 miles is $400; Option C-Delivery within 600 miles is $870. These three delivery options fees include cost of a vet check, health certificate, a puppy crate, and a puppy “starter kit.”

Shipping Via Airline or Courier

Not all Airlines will ship Shih Tzu puppies because of the shape of their faces and the breed’s intolerance for heat and/or humidity. Please contact your airline of choice such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Etc. Catahoula puppies have no restriction against shipping their little selves via airline.

Having your puppy shipped to you via commercial airline or puppy courier/hauler is absolutely a viable option provided you are completely aware of how this method works. Additionally, it can be quite affordable.  Let me give you a rundown of what occurs from start to finish.

If you choose to ship a puppy via airline or hauler, all charges/ monies must be paid in advance. Pay the shipping fees to your hauler or airline separate from the monies you pay Janie’s Catahoulas or Janie’s Shih Tzus. You may mail your payment to Malinda for vet certificates, veterinary exam, and crate costs via money order via the U S Postal system or you may also pay via PayPal on the sidebar of this page. (These fees will be in addition to the purchase price for your puppy). Commercial Airlines generally charge $250 or so to ship a puppy in the continental United States. (We will briefly touch on shipping to other countries at the end of this page). You will have to pay the courier/hauler charges or airline shipping costs on your end and you will have to book the transport for your puppy. The puppy will need a vet check and vet certificate before it is shipped also. This fee is generally $25 to $45 for a vet check and vet certificate, depending upon the veterinarian, which the puppy buyer is also responsible for. You need to plan to provide the cost to Janie’s kennel for an airline safe crate or vari-kennel. The vari-kennel will be large enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around comfortable.  Dry Fur’s online site at gives a great illustration and explanation of airline crate dimension requirements. Our catahoula puppies generally need a “medium size” (24” x 18.5” x 20.5”) crate and our Shih Tzu puppies generally need a “small size” (17” x 14” x 14”) crate. You can check online for an average crate price or give us a holler and we can tell you what crates are costing in our area.

No airline will accept a puppy before their eight week birthday and it has to be documented on the vet certificate issued from a licensed veterinarian. No exceptions to this rule. I will also not ship a puppy via pet courier/pet hauler until your puppy is eight weeks of age as well. This again will be documented via vet certificate and my own records.  As you will see on our puppy care and information page on this site, the worming and vaccination schedule begins way before the day your puppy hops on the plane or the truck en route to your home.  You need to book a flight departure or puppy courier or transporter pick up time and date immediately following your puppy’s eight week birthday. You two have bonding to do! Just touch base with us and we can let you know what times are good for us surrounding that birthdate. The puppy buyer is also responsible to arrange payment to the airline and/or puppy hauler/courier at least 10 days before the expected date of transport. We ship puppies out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas on to their next destination.

 Day of Transport

The day your puppy is to leave Janie’s Dogs’ headquarters it is quite busy! Your monies have been paid and all is in order! Everything is sitting on Go! Your puppy will be given a fresh bath to start with. Your puppy will be given a decreased amount of puppy food here before it departs…this is to minimize motion sickness side effects. We tape a Ziploc baggie feeding of kibble to the puppy’s crate in case of unexpected delays in your puppy’s trip. Water is offered at transport stops as needed.  The puppies will not be sedated in any way.

Allow yourself some extra time the day your puppy is traveling to you… and be as rested as you can be when your puppy arrives. Keep in mind, your puppy is going to be a little shell-shocked, regardless, so take things slowly. Within a few minutes of arrival, your puppy will be on its way to acclimating to your life. The first thing you should do is take your puppy out of its crate to check its condition and offer the puppy a much-needed potty break. Try not to be alarmed if your puppy is a little drawn around the flanks. Now, let us know your little pal has arrived safely! Offer water to your puppy as soon as possible. Once you get back home with your puppy, offer him or her some food to chow down on.

International Shipping via Airline

We have limited experience shipping out of the continental United States. Each country has different requirements. Most recently, we have had individuals contact us from Australia considering puppy purchase and shipment. Therefore, I will give you a paragraph over Australian import requirements with that consideration. Feel free to check out the Australian guidelines  (The United States is a Category 3 importing country) at this website: more closely.

Your pup will not be able to hop a plane to Australia until its 6 month birthday.  The short explanation on this is that a pup being shipped to Australia must complete its full set of vaccination boosters including:  parvovirus, adenovirus, canine influenza, distemper, parainfluenza, bordetella, leptospirosis, lyme disease, and their rabies vaccination.  (Australia has a short list of dogs that they will not allow imported into Australia, but catahoulas and shih tzus are not one of those breeds). Australia requires that dogs must be identified by a microchip that can be read by an Avid, Trovan, Destron or other ISO compatible reader. Following a rabies virus vaccination, a veterinarian must scan the animal’s microchip and collect a blood sample for the RNAT test. Then the veterinarian has to check the dog’s blood again in 180 days to verify the negative rabies result. Once the results are negative, then the puppy buyer needs to submit this result, the microchip ID and to apply for the dog import permit.  It is our understanding that the price is $425 which also includes your pup’s minimum 10-day stay in the Australian quarantine facility. Just a note here… if the Quarantine Facility even finds a tick on your pup/dog they will extend the dog’s stay until its blood can be retested. Your dog actually is required to be given another canine influenza booster 12-14 days before leaving the United States bound for Australia as well. Your pup/dog must have a negative brucella canis result within 45 days of your dog leaving the United States bound for Australia. The dog also has to be tested for Leishmania infantum using either an indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) or an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) within 45 days before export. The test must produce a negative result. Australia requires an incoming dog to be treated twice with an internal parasite treatment effective against internal parasites (nematodes and cestodes) within 14 days of export.  The pup/dog has to be seen an issued a veterinary health certificate within 5 days of travel.

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions or guidance.