Puppy Care and Information


I have been raising puppies for many years. I strive to give these babies the best start possible with practices that have served myself and the puppies I have produced in the past very well. In the following paragraphs, you will get an idea of how their first 8 weeks go here at Janie’s kennel.

Even before conception, our puppies’ dams are given a ration of kibble proportionate to their caloric needs… and… it is topped with fresh, home-raised eggs to boot. Our dams and sires are vaccinated and wormed regularly themselves, long before conception of a litter. Exercise is definitely a requirement here. A bored dog is not a healthy dog. Our catahoulas are worked and hunted and have been known to go on long jogs with Malinda. Our Shih Tzus are taken for long walks on our paved country road and are currently easing into the basics of the sport of agility.

Upon delivery of a litter, all puppies are cuddled and nurtured.  The dam is carefully monitored and cared for as well. Our little ones are handled regularly from birth.  We believe socialization is of paramount importance. The puppies are left with their dam in the maternity quarters around the clock from birth until they get to eating “kibble soup” easily several times each day. All puppies are fed kibble and milk “soup” as early as tolerated. All litters are eating soft food and mother’s milk by four weeks of age. The mother’s milk is gradual decreased until six weeks of age when we completely separate and wean the puppies from their dam.

 The next two weeks are devoted to transitioning the puppies into independence. We expose them to many of the foundations important for a well-balanced adult. The puppies get to see what a leash feels like for small amounts of time and will be introduced to the command “come,” when they are called. They will be given a bath about once a week or as needed. The need for puppy manners is important.  They are taught basic manners early, often sensing the need for potty training “spots” to be used. Independence in all pups is encouraged as well. Play time is important and they are given numerous lengthy play sessions each day. As the opportunity allows, puppies will be given short vehicle rides during this time as well. Most of our puppies get about 3 or 4 car rides in this two week period. Lastly, your puppy will be accustomed to a crate for sleeping purposes and nap/quiet time.

All puppies are sold with up-to-date vaccinations and wormings. All puppies will be wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. Puppies should  receive their vaccinations  at 6, 9, and 12 weeks of age, for the most part. Check with your local veterinarian for regional practices where you and your dog reside. (Here is a link to routine vaccination schedules here  http://pets.webmd.com/pet-vaccines-schedules-cats-dogs ).  Each litter has their first veterinary check at about 4 weeks of age and again at about 7 weeks of age. Veterinary Health Certificates are issued for pups that will be shipped via airline and also for puppies to be transported via puppy courier/hauler. No puppy will be shipped before their 8 week birthday.

 All catahoula puppies are sold with NALC (National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas) Blue puppy papers and UKC (United Kennel Club) puppy papers.  This also meets the NALC that the puppy papers be received into their office before the puppy’s six month birthday. These puppy papers are completed and mailed to the registries at time of puppy pick-up.  All Shih Tzu puppies are sold with AKC (American Kennel Club) puppy papers. These puppy papers are completed and mailed to the registry at time of puppy pick-up.