New beginnings for Hitch…

Well, he is headed out with his final owner and new partner.  Each of them will have their hands full but I cannot think of a better match. They are going to have some great adventures but I still hate to see him go. Moreover, I am so glad God put it in my heart to send him with HER.

To Him: Keep her safe; Deter shady people; Drive the bad animals off and away.

To Her: Keep him close; give him your sole time; trust his judgement.

Adios 8 gage…

Hitch is heading SOUTH!

Ol’ “Eight Gage” is headed to South Texas in a week or so. We are so happy about this news. Hitch will be a single woman’s truck dog, protector, and cattle deterrent assistant. We cannot wait to hear about his and his new owner’s adventures!!

Salty lil’ Luta is awaiting her Forever home!


Have you been looking for a working or hunting dog to help out on your place? Have you been looking for a show prospect that can hold her own in the sorting pens? Have you been looking for the perfect mate for your leopard male?

HERE SHE IS! Have a look at this little gem on her page where you will find pricing, lineage, etc. Click here… then contact us!