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To think… it all started in a remote west Texas town in 1993… Malinda was miles away from her central Texas roots and she needed a four legged protector and helper and hunter and…. Where the heck was she going to find ONE DOG to do all that? And for an affordable price? Enter in a blue leopard Catahoula by the name of Pearle Jamm. Pearle was gangly blue leopard pup with a salty attitude. Malinda bought her for $150 and took that gyp everywhere she went. Later, that gyp weighed MAYBE 60 pounds full grown but she set the bar from then on. Malinda fondly remembers a lot of years and stories about Pearle before that dog left this earth.  Even now, folks over the years remember the ornery, protective blue leopard respectfully… wow… what a legacy!

Malinda began breeding catahoulas for working cattle in 1992. She has had several repeat puppy and started dogs clients over the years. She has founded two kennels devoted solely to the Catahoula breed in her time (Cowhouse Catahoulas and Janie’s Catahoulas). By 2000, Malinda had become a National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas (NALC) Certified Breeder with her first kennel, Cowhouse Catahoulas.  (Malinda still has descendants from that kennel here in Janie’s Catahoulas.) She has exhibited successfully in numerous open and Catahoula breed association field trial competitions; several United Kennel Club (UKC), American Catahoula Association (ACA), and NALC Bench Shows; and has hosted breed specific field trials and bench shows for the Catahoula as well. Malinda has been honored with the privilege of judging open hog dog field trial events; judging ACA field trials; and judging NALC field trials, conformation classes, and showmanship events. She has been blessed with a handful of Catahoula conformation champions and field trial champions over the years in her own dogs. Thankfully, those accomplishments have been passed on through the puppies she has produced as well.

In 2008, Malinda was exposed to the toy breed, the Shih Tzu. Though skeptical at first, she now has a love for this little companion breed. The little dogs have proved to her that they can fit into a family of rough and tough working Catahoula dogs as a companion and as a bench show entrant. These little dogs are routinely learning new tricks such as: playing dead after a make believe gunshot from a well-placed pointer finger from the hip; or engaging the unexpected “Superman Soar” to deliver a giggle at the victim’s expense. Malinda and her family are routinely teaching these little lapdogs new tricks and it seems that agility competitions are definitely in those little dogs’ future. Fondly referred to as her “ragdogs,” their warm, expressive eyes tell the story of an addictive little personality (or two). She was overjoyed when her first UKC Champion Shih Tzu was awarded after 135 points and 5 competition wins.

Malinda has a passion for photography as well. It has started off as a hobby, years ago, when she still had to use real 35mm film. Occasionally, she can be found taking pictures for her rodeo entrant friends; her fellow dog breeder and dog owner enthusiasts; and at family or friends special events. If you have an interest in having photos taken for the memorable moments of your life, contact her via this websites contact form. She will be happy to give you a quote for the photography needs in your life.

 Malinda provides unbiased field trial and bench show judging services. Malinda’s field trial experience in this area is focused upon working, hunting, and herding breeds. Malinda will be looking to get closer to filling her UKC Judgeship requirements over the upcoming years. Please contact her via this website’s contact form for judging rates and availability.

Now it is a family affair around here these days. Malinda, her husband, and their children are all involved in the daily care, working and training of these beloved breeds. We do not see it slowing down anytime soon.  We all have a “let’s go” attitude and all our dogs mirror that drive as well. 

There you have it! Whether you seek a new canine companion; a bay pen prospect; a canine helper for your cattle sorting operation; your next show ring competitor; your own personal canine protector; a tough contender for that bull out back or the mean cow next door; or just some good old-fashioned varmint control, have a look at what is offered here on the site and drop us a line via the website’s contact form. Though she prefers for puppies to be picked up in person, do not be frustrated if your location a bit away from central Texas. We can ship puppies at 8 weeks of age via airline or courier…and if you live in Texas or a joining state within 600 miles, we will deliver your puppy for a mileage-based fee.


So what are you waiting on?