New beginnings for Hitch…

Well, he is headed out with his final owner and new partner.  Each of them will have their hands full but I cannot think of a better match. They are going to have some great adventures but I still hate to see him go. Moreover, I am so glad God put it in my heart to send him with HER.

To Him: Keep her safe; Deter shady people; Drive the bad animals off and away.

To Her: Keep him close; give him your sole time; trust his judgement.

Adios 8 gage…

Hitch is heading SOUTH!

Ol’ “Eight Gage” is headed to South Texas in a week or so. We are so happy about this news. Hitch will be a single woman’s truck dog, protector, and cattle deterrent assistant. We cannot wait to hear about his and his new owner’s adventures!!