Rose is awaiting her Home with the Perkins

Little Rose is a bit impatient… she has to wait about three weeks before her new family, the Perkins, will be able to pick her up. Therefore, she has given me the go ahead to post her available siblings over on the Catahoula Puppy page here. So if you have been itching to snatch up one of these little reds and red leopard girls… go have a look and let us hear from you.

Our Catahoula pups are NOT meant to be “PETS”…

Yes… I know what you’re thinking… believe me…. BUT… this breed… the Catahoula… was never meant to be a mere pet. Yes… the white elephant is out of the closet. Do not take offense… (German Shepherds are not meant as mere pets either. ) Our catahoula pups are bred to WORK, HUNT, TRAIL WOUNDED GAME… the list goes on.

When this breed is bored… it can become destructive… they MUST have an opportunity to expend their energy… even before they are old enough to work or hunt! A busy catahoula is a happy catahoula.

They’re here!!

Are they not the cutest!?!?!?!!

Hammer and Miss Hook have blessed us with a beautiful litter. Click on our available Catahoula litters page for more information! Don’t delay!