Sweetness in the Flesh!

20150926_211116~2I rarely upload phone photos here… But then again… “Rainey” is rarely still or not moving. Anyhow… We both hope you all are as ready for Fall as we are! Let us hear from you… Or go check out Facebook page for the latest news and clips!


Patriot Day


Confetti’s Cash 4 Janie and “his boy.”

This morning I helped my child get ready for a “Freedom Walk” at his school. Per his request, I painted an American flag upon one of his cheeks and then a Texas flag upon the other. He rambled on, telling me about what happened on 9/11… how people reacted, etc., and I patiently listened. I was actually relieved to remember the day through my child’s descriptions because it was much more “rated G” than what the reality of that day had been.  (…and just as my own mother had predicted, I saw history happen and then listened to my child recite it back to me from his school textbooks and teachers.)

I’m aware that we all may reflect upon this day in every way. I am much more patriotic after 9/11, I admit. I have always had pride in our country and raising a native born dog that does the southern thing of gathering cattle and hunting game and hogs is pretty darn American as well.  …but I still became MUCH more patriotic after that day….  I will be forever thankful of the bravery and the sacrifices made upon that day…

…Thank you…

Happy Labor Day!


Janie’s Pistol Annie

We hope you all have enjoyed your Labor Day Holiday. We have indeed! “Annie” wanted to express her gratitude from the deepest depths of her heart on this Labor Day…. she even begged and whined until I pulled out the laptop… then politely sat at my feet while I created this post. Those of you who know her well know that this is a huge deal. 😉

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Kids… and Dogs


“Hitch” and HIS Boy

You know what I have noticed? Kids and Dogs have this surreal connection. Case in point: Hitch shows better for “his” young ‘un than he does anyone else… including myself. If this child asks this dog to “stand” (stack) for inspection… Hitch will fall into it on his own…. no feet adjustment needed.

Us parents sometimes get wrapped around the axle on perfection when kids pick out their clothes (as shown here… no comment) or with showing… which is understandable. Here is a concept: If your child and whatever animal is being shown click better than YOU and the animal to be shown… then trust your child and the animal to make things happen and take the ribbon/money.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the result you both get…