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The dog flea. It is ugly. It is able to jump 200 times the length of its own body!!  Fleas can even survive without eating for quite some time! That said… they have to have a blood meal before they can lay their eggs. When a female does lay her eggs… she can lay up to 40 or 50 EACH DAY.  I could bore you (or intrigue you) with a few more facts like these BUT how about we cut to the chase and figure out how to keep them out of our dog’s lives?

I have tried all kinds of things. Literally. I could write a few pages on just the things I tried on fleas that have failed. That said… there are 2 products that I now rely upon for flea control… COMFORTIS and SERESTO. My catahoulas take the Comfortis each month orally and my Shih Tzus wear a Seresto flea collar. Keep reading…

COMFORTIS (Elanco) is a monthly spinosad chewable tablet that starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of your dog ingesting the medication. This medication will prevent and treat flea infestations in your dog. COMFORTIS protection lasts an entire 30 days. They are approved for dogs/puppies 14 weeks and older. My catahoulas take a 810 mg pill each month. You need to give this medication with a meal because it will cause stomach irritation on an empty stomach. Further, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it isn’t a viable choice in my opinion.

…Which brings me to the next item…

The SERESTO flea collar. It is made by the Bayer company. This little jewel provides EIGHT months of protection from fleas. Now, mind you, it is one of the most expensive single purchase flea collar I have ever seen… but it actually works! The best part is that you do not have to deal with messy monthly topical applications. Did I mention that it is waterproof? Another great part is that it may be used on puppies and dogs 7 weeks and older.

So… with one of these two products in place, half of your battle is done. From here, the fleas will begin to die and disappear. They have no meal here… so they relocate. End of story. It is best to have your method in place NOW. The flea life cycle is difficult to break… I mean the pupa stage can last for eight months! Hang in there and know that consistency is the key!



Spring Parasites!

So… as promised, I will be doing a series of short articles tailored for dog owners here on JaniesDogs.com for a few weeks. The thing that comes to mind is PARASITES. I mean… why on Earth do they have to exist anyways? What purpose do fleas? Ticks? Roundworms? Mosquitos all serve?

Honestly? I have no clue… BUT… I will be discussing each of them and a good method of eliminating or controlling them here each week for a while. So… be sure to follow here or on our Facebook Pages for the articles as they get posted.

We will start off with discussing Fleas… and how the heck to get rid of them… Stay tuned!

Dog flea

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Veteran’s Xtreme Adventures Pictures are posted!

Catahoula Owned by Melanie Zelisko competing in the Veteran's Xtreme Adventures 2nd Annual Bay Pen Competition

Catahoula Owned by Melanie Zelisko competing in the Veteran’s Xtreme Adventures 2nd Annual Bay Pen Competition

MB Photography (our sister endeavor) was honored to photograph portions of the Veteran’s Xtreme Adventures Bay Pen Competition… nearly 180 photos. If you competed in the Veteran’s Xtreme Adventures Bay Pen Competition in Gatesville, Texas on April 25th… The pictures are posted here! Have a look see! Click here for the picture pages. Keep in mind these pictures are copyrighted and protected. What does this mean? Well, in laymen’s terms, it means that you should not use the photographs without permission from the photographer for any reason. Always remember to tag MB Photography on these photos after you obtain permission to use the images please. It helps folks know where to find us! If you find a picture you like, contact us with the picture number (listed under each picture) and what size and quantity of each picture you want. Orders are generally shipped within 24-48 hours to your home address once payment is received. Let us hear from you!