What do our dogs Eat? (Final part in our series here)


Now for my favorite addition to the diet… coconut oil. I truly believe this is the most perfect oil in existence. You can use it for everything. For the purposes of this post, we will focus on the benefits for your dog. Coconut oil has about 90% Medium Chain Triglycerides which is the main benefit source. These “MCT’s” do a lot for your dog. They will clear up skin problems and skin allergies. It will even moisturize your dog’s skin from the inside out. This oil will improve general skin health. It will make your dog’s coat shiny and will even remedy doggy body odor… how awesome is that? Coconut Oil will treat yeast and fungal infections. Coconut improves digestion and reduces or eliminates bad breath. It will help control diabetes. Coconut Oil will increase your dog’s energy. It also aids in arthritis and ligament problems. How much should you give your dog? Give about one quarter teaspoon of coconut oil for each ten pounds of your dog’s bodyweight.

Part THREE of Our Little Feeding Descriptions:



Now for the eggs. Eggs are a complete food source all by themselves. Eggs are one of the most complete sources of amino acids and protein. The list of vitamins they provide your dog with are long… including Folate and Fatty Acids. I have chickens… so… my dogs all literally wait outside the hen house for their eggs…  I give my dogs the shells as well… that tops it off for an excellent source of calcium… especially if your dog has problems ingesting or digesting bones. I only cook the eggs for our shih tzus because of hygiene issues. If you have ever had to clean raw egg out of a beard and mustache, you can see why I give cooked eggs to my Shih Tzus…rather than raw eggs. The catahoulas get the eggs raw.