What Do Our Dogs Eat? Part 2

Welcome to our second installment of what we feed our dogs. This one may be news to you and yours…

We have the addition of beef tripe. You want to feed GREEN TRIPE (or the abomasum compartment of the rumen). Green Trip is a very rich food source (remember how we people love brownies, even if they are rich?). Green Tripe also gives your dog natural enzymes, essential vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids. The enzymes help your dog’s digestion and actually helps the cleaning of your dog’s teeth. Remember those fatty acids I mentioned? Well, the omega 3’s and 6’s maintain a healthy coat and skin for your dogs. The amino acids are what will give your dog plenty of spunk and fire… you can thank green tripe for that. Last but not least, Green Tripe provides your dog with probiotics from the helpful microorganisms within the green tripe. It does have a drawback… green tripe stinks to high heaven.


What Do Janie’s Dogs Eat? Part One

kibbleI get questions sometimes about what I feed the dogs here. These dogs have quite diverse menus. The Shih Tzus get a ration of quality kibble, cooked eggs and coconut oil. The catahoulas get a ration of kibble, high-cal additive, coconut oil, beef tripe, and raw eggs. I alternate the raw egg and the tripe each day for the catahoulas. Why do I feed this way you ask? Well… to meet a few avenues requirements I have discovered along the way. I will outline these for you over 5 Posts, starting with this one.

First of all, I believe in feeding quality kibble. My catahoulas get one that features a 24% Protein and 20% fat. My Shih Tzus get a 27% and 16% fat kibble ration. There is nothing wrong with RAW rations or soft foods… however, I have found that a quality kibble with a good crunch is needed to maintain teeth and gums on my dogs.

Let’s talk Underbites…


So… I find myself driven to discuss the subject of underbites… in dogs. Intrigued? You see, I raise two breeds of dogs… one where an underbite (or reverse scissor bite) is acceptable… the other where the fault is not acceptable.

For now, for the purposes of this article, we will travel down the path of thought which relates to the trait being unacceptable in the show ring… which is exactly true with my catahoulas and most medium or long muzzled dogs. I intend to give you a few causes for this fault to occur in dogs within this paragraph.  On some cases the underbite is caused when the canine baby teeth are not lost. This usually causes crooked adult teeth to grow. Similarly, a pup’s lower jaw grows faster than its top jaw and it causes the upper teeth to get hung up behind causing the upper jaw to grow slower. Oh… and while I am on the subject… inappropriate play time and boredom can cause an underbite. When I was much younger, I witness this in a dog which habitually pulled on its kennel fence out of boredom. It literally caused an undershot jaw. Crazy, huh?

Now that you know some of the causes… what is next? Well, clearly a dog with an undershot bite should not be featured in the show ring… a judge will usually not place an undershot dog over a normal, scissorbit dog.  If you find that the dog’s bite is caused from his or her’s parents (genetic), then rest assured, your dog will pass the fault on down to its prodigy. You see where this is going, right? Fortunate enough for the catahoula they are gifted in many areas of life. Even if your catahoula puppy ends up with an undershot bite, it should still have plenty of worthy duties and opportunities as your hunting buddy or your cattle gathering side kick…. Instead of the honeymoon suite for dogs.

Another Testimonial!

MamasBoy CJBuckshotI got Buckshot when he was about 7 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter, a bluish grey color, and though he wasn’t near as big and tough as his beautiful red litter mates, he stole my heart. Buck grew fast and strong and now at 75 lbs he’s by far as big and tough as his litter mates, if not more tough. I feed Buckshot high protein sport dog mix, raw farm eggs, and whole milk and I let him eat all he wants. Because his metabolism is so fast and strong he performs best on very high protein. Buck not only serves as my bay dog when hunting hogs, but he also varmint hunts with me, and is our family pet. Buck works hand in hand with our CatBull catch dog. Buck is as woodsy as they come, always winding with his nose in the air, and fully functional in a water catch. He gives 110% at every thing he does.
Thank you Janie’s Catahoulas for our “Little Man” Buckshot Bouchet. CJ P-B, Blanco, Tx

Our Featured Testimonial this week!

The testimonials have been pouring in! Keep them coming y’all!  Have a look at the first featured testimonial about Miss Terri and “Cooper!”

TerriCooperI had a large dog for 14 years and when he passed away, I wanted to find a small breed that was smart and good with children. I found my dog, Cooper, a Shih Tzu and we bonded from day 1. Besides being fluffy and adorable, he was so easy to crate train and house train.  My grandchildren carry him all over the house and he has such a sweet personality. I couldn’t be any happier than I am with my “Sweet Cooper”.  Sincerely,  Terri F., Temple, Tx