Testimonial Time!

I am working on a new page for this website. It is a testimonial page where I will feature paragraphs and photos from folks who have purchased their Catahoula or Shih Tzu from here. Those of you who own a Janie’s Dog, please drop me a line and photo of your dog! You know where to find me!


Whew! It’s Been Busy Around Here!

GoatShowProfileIt is Stock Show Season here in Texas! We are very involved in this event! With that said, I apologize for not posting for the last week! I literally have been meeting my self coming… and going! Ha!

If you have been watching our JANIE’S CATAHOULAS Facebook page, you know that Janie’s Pistol Annie is away at her current Romeo’s house. She is being bred! I will let you know when the litter is confirmed.  I will post pictures and information of Confetti Doc, owned by Doug Mason, the sire of our pending litter of working catahoulas. Stay tuned and keep checking back!