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Welcome to TEXAS! You have just hit the jackpot… you just found one of the longest operating WORKING Catahoula breeders that Texas has to offer. Further, we have some dang good “rag dogs” (AKC Shih Tzus) who love cheering their Catahoula brothers and sisters on to success! (You can see the full read on this kennel’s background on the “About Us” page of this website).

We hope you find all you are looking for here on our site.
We are quite diverse!   We feature our two favorite breeds of dogs and that makes for a pretty full website! (We post on this page frequently, so scroll on down and see what you have missed!)

As stated above, we are based in central Texas with deep roots in the Lone Star state.  Our knowledge comes from real life, the show world,  the equine world, a pursuit of a college degree,  a successful business, and a real life job in the agricultural and Horse world.

So… come on in and stay a while!
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Kennel Update

We no longer stand Confetti’s Cash4Janie  for stud to outside females. Since Malinda has fallen ill… and Cash was the first one to figure out that his own owner (Malinda) had Cancer, we have decided to dedicate him entirely as a full time protection dog and service assistance dog for Malinda. He’s always been right by Malinda’s side and so it was an easy decision to pull him from the working and breeding ranks in order for him to focus and devote his drive for Malinda. He will still get to work and hunt… but only when Malinda become well and strong enough to do so with him.


New beginnings for Hitch…

Well, he is headed out with his final owner and new partner.  Each of them will have their hands full but I cannot think of a better match. They are going to have some great adventures but I still hate to see him go. Moreover, I am so glad God put it in my heart to send him with HER.

To Him: Keep her safe; Deter shady people; Drive the bad animals off and away.

To Her: Keep him close; give him your sole time; trust his judgement.

Adios 8 gage…