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Welcome to TEXAS! You have just hit the jackpot… you just found one of the longest operating WORKING Catahoula breeders that Texas has to offer. Further, we have some dang good “rag dogs” (AKC Shih Tzus) who love cheering their Catahoula brothers and sisters on to success! (You can see the full read on this kennel’s background on the “About Us” page of this website).

We hope you find all you are looking for here on our site.
We are quite diverse!   We feature our two favorite breeds of dogs and that makes for a pretty full website! (We post on this page frequently, so scroll on down and see what you have missed!)

As stated above, we are based in central Texas with deep roots in the Lone Star state.  Our knowledge comes from real life, the show world,  the equine world, a pursuit of a college degree,  a successful business, and a real life job in the agricultural and Horse world.

So… come on in and stay a while!
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Salty lil’ Luta is awaiting her Forever home!

Have you been looking for a working or hunting dog to help out on your place? Have you been looking for a show prospect that can hold her own in the sorting pens? Have you been looking for the perfect mate for your leopard male?

HERE SHE IS! Have a look at this little gem on her page where you will find pricing, lineage, etc. Click here… then contact us!

Only THREE of these cuties are still available!!!

They are growing fast! They are 4 WEEKS old TODAY! They are eating and drinking Well! Only one red leopard female and both solid females are still available! If you have been “thinking” on one… GET ONE ON DEPOSIT… NOW! All it takes is the promise of a working, hunting, and/or active showing home with love and time to spare. We accept cashier’s checks and postal money orders as deposits…. the balance on your pup due at pick up.

Rose is awaiting her Home with the Perkins

Little Rose is a bit impatient… she has to wait about three weeks before her new family, the Perkins, will be able to pick her up. Therefore, she has given me the go ahead to post her available siblings over on the Catahoula Puppy page here. So if you have been itching to snatch up one of these little reds and red leopard girls… go have a look and let us hear from you.

Our Catahoula pups are NOT meant to be “PETS”…

Yes… I know what you’re thinking… believe me…. BUT… this breed… the Catahoula… was never meant to be a mere pet. Yes… the white elephant is out of the closet. Do not take offense… (German Shepherds are not meant as mere pets either. ) Our catahoula pups are bred to WORK, HUNT, TRAIL WOUNDED GAME… the list goes on.

When this breed is bored… it can become destructive… they MUST have an opportunity to expend their energy… even before they are old enough to work or hunt! A busy catahoula is a happy catahoula.